Non non-exec service (sic)

The idea is a good one. Sadly, the execution is too often suspect.

Having access to, and advice from, someone who understands your business and industry , who can provide wise counsel but is also unafraid to ask you difficult questions, sounds a great notion.

So what happened? Why did it all go wrong. Well the cosy free-lunch time-servers providing little or no value started the rot. Then the corporate governance tried to make non-execs into policemen.

Time for a reboot.

Real world business experience
Willingness to tell it how it is
Interested in a nice lunch
Focussed on what is best for you and your business
Falls asleep in meetings
Will not suggest cloud-cuckoo land solutions
Old buffer or politician on the make

Being the business owner too often feels friendless and pressured, with everyone out to get you. It does not have to be like that. There is someone here who will be completely on your side.

All you need do is call or email


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