In special situations

A real manager is someone who, when the need it (swamped, out of their depth, whatever) actually asks for help, rather than just struggling on.

Here are some examples of situations were a bit of outside help from us can bring a huge benefit:

Major projects coming up?

The most common thing that goes wrong with big projects is that they take far, far longer than initially hoped. The biggest cause of this is that key individuals are too busy running the day-to-day affairs of the business. We can help fill that gap – on either the project or day-to-day side – whatever suits you best.

Bank imposing “Reporting Accountants”?
DANGER!  Do not be fooled, the accountancy firms loyalty is primarily to itself – it will get far more in income from the bank than from you over the years. I know of a case where, for their £20k fee and subsequent recommendation to appoint them as Administrators, they billed over £0.5million in fees. If they had recommended the other way, guess how much they would have got (Clue: £0.5m less)

If you find yourself in this situation, you really need someone exclusively fighting your corner.

Acquisitions – prior
These are projects underestimated at your peril. We have done lots in our time and can definitely add more value than our time-costs.

Acquisitions – post
The papers are signed. The lawyers et al have disappeared. But this is when the real work starts. All aspects of integrating two businesses are fraught with difficulties – getting this wrong is why far too many deals fail to add the anticipated benefits. Ensure your deal achieves your goals.

Don’t get ripped off with a third rate service under a ‘transitional services agreement’ with an uninterested vendor. We can quickly get you up and running independently.
Tip: new VAT registrations are taking up to six weeks. Make the VAT application as soon as your newco is formed and save nightmares later.

Listing, floating, fund-raising
All demand huge amounts of finance (and your) time when you have a business to run. Don’t spread your resources to thinly – ask for help.

Just starting up?
Where do you start – there is so much to do. We can help you in two key ways. Firstly, we will give you an honest appraisal of your business idea. Secondly, we can do all the bureaucratic stuff for you (the list is seemingly endless) enabling you to focus on the more important issue of building sales and getting the business working properly.

Selling up
Will you get one, three or six times profits? And what defines that profit? Will you pay tax on your gain at 10%, 18%, 28% or even 40%? Have you set up any share option or ownership schemes for staff? Should you sell assets or shares? What warranties and guarantees will you give? I’ll save myriad more questions for now…

Or perhaps, unfortunately, you are in trouble