Why I am an Apple Mac convert

  1. I now work using my computer, not work on making my computer work
  2. Support in-store is above and beyond what anyone could expect
  3. My office is now next to silent
  4. It lets me work when I want. It does not grind to a halt or reboot itself to install updates I care not a jot about. Neither does it slow to a crawl thru the action of anti-virus systems (and yes I have one installed)
  5. I can still run Windows programs in their own window, without rebooting (Using Parallels or VMware and W7)
  6. The higher screen resolution (1900 x 1200) means I can see more of my spreadsheet or whatever
  7. I’ve not had a problem with any of my peripherals, although the scanner element of my ten-year-old all-in-one Officejet only works via Windows, but the output then appears seamlessly back on the Mac.
  8. It all just works without fuss, so using an Airport Express I can play music off my Mac on my Stereo system, controlled remotely with the iPad. In theory, I should have been able to do this with my old Linksys router but I gave up after 3 evenings of faffing. Plugged in Airport  Express and was running in 2 minutes.
  9. The screen is an absolute joy
  10. It is where all the interesting software innovation is

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