Why Gmail is better than Exchange

  1. Its free, in cash terms anyway
  2. No faffing (and expense) with security Certificates in order to get mail onto mobile devices
  3. You do not need a techie to set it up nor keep it running sweetly. Managing Exchange is becoming increasingly difficult and specialist (so expensive)
  4. No expensive, noisy server hardware or firewalls to buy, set-up, feed and be deafened buy (or rent in a server farm)
  5. Spam filtering is far better with Gmail
  6. Gmail connects with Outlook, Apple Mail, most flavours of phone et al  seamlessly, painlessly and easily
  7. and synchronises across all, so a Sent item from one device appears on the others
  8. You can still keep your own domain name, email addresses do not have to be me@gmail.com but can still be me@mycompany.com.
  9. ⁣Further, If you need multiple identities (me@myothercompanies.com etc), no problem
  10. You can easly see your email from any old internet cafe browser without having to set-up Outlook Web Access

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