Post-deal integration

  1. Embrace the fact that the work starts here. It did not end with the champagne after signing the papers at the lawyers offices
  2. Have a welcome meeting. Make sure you talk about their business (not just yours) and help them understand that you value it and them (or else why would you have bought it
  3. Assign a buddy to incoming staff wherever possible
  4. Get everyone onto the same email system etc on day one (so set things up in advance, in anticipation)
  5. Make the new team feel important not second class citizens
  6. But share your business values with them and seek to get buy in
  7. Identify small differences where they could feel worse-off or hard done by (like mileage allowances) and fix it so they are not, even if it costs elsewhere
  8. Be straight where there will be redundacies. Set-up a process that is indisputably fair, implement it quickly an allow everyone to move on
  9. Keep a weather eye open for trouble in the follow weeks. Act firmly, decisively and fairly. To not prevaricate or avoid potential conflict – the cancer will only spread and get worse. This applies to your ‘old’ team at least as much as the new ones
  10. Keep an open door to new staff; invite them to air their ideas for enhancing the combined business. And listen to their gripes

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