HMRC deadlines with penalty notices for default

  1. Income tax return (required for directors) by 31 January
  2. Corporation tax return, 12 months from year-end
  3. Accounts to Companies House, 9 months from year-end
  4. Companies House Annual Return (but shush, no penalty yet)
  5. VAT registration (within 30 days of turnover exceeding £77,000 for the last 12 months – and there are other detailed rules too)
  6. 4 quarterly VAT returns, 30 days from quarter end
  7. P35 annual payroll return (usually around 19 May)
  8. P11d benefits-in-kind filings (usually around 7 July)
  9. Monthly PAYE paying-in-slip and payment (18th following month)
  10. Soon small companies will be forced to make monthly full payroll returns

Meantime, have a look at some Case Studies